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Author:  Quique [ Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:55 am ]
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I like, jumped up and down and flailed when I discovered this a little while ago:

My first Fantine--Elinore O'Connell--singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from what sounds like a possible soundboard of the original Los Angeles production.

I listened intently and had my eyes glued to those amazingly rare photographs of her and the rest of the L.A. company that are shown during the clip. I have never seen most of those pictures!!! So awesome!

I really love that photo of the set with Michelle Nicastro during "On My Own" because photos of the original set are incredibly scarce since the lighting is so clean and focused on the action, it hardly reveals the surrounding set in photos too well. The photo may be very similar to a better known one from the souvenir brochure of that production that is also included in Edward Behr's book, but the one in the video shows more of that awesome detail of John Napier's set and it's taken from an angle that really shows the majestic scale of it all.

Also, the one from the brochure was obviously enhanced and doctored to add more color to it (the Les Mis set was never blue, but it looks blue and even purple in that brochure photo). In the photo seen in the video, no doctoring has been applied and it's a much more accurate representation of what that scene actually looked like on stage. I LOVE iiiit!

You can see that photo at this point in the video:

As much as it seems like all I love about this musical is Eponine's 2nd act beltfest due to the number of times I tend to refer to it as of late, it's purely coincidental because I've never been one to get stuck on one or two aspects of this show as it has so much more to offer.

But I can't deny that her 2nd act lament contains some of my favorite bits of orchestration and who doesn't love that stage picture of her standing centerstage with oversized coat and warmly lit, but shuttered windows chaotically splashed across those brick walls and beaming light down onto the raked cobblestone stage deck. So beautiful lonely.


*Comes back to life*

Oh! And Elinore's Fantine is so passionate! One of the most passionate renditions that I've known. And people say that the stage version is typically emotionless as compared to the weepy film rendition. Elinore may not have snot oozing out of her nose during this performance, but she's sure as hell feeling what she's singing about...and then some!

Btw, I don't dislike Anne Hathaway's Fantine or her film rendition or the film itself. I actually loved it. Just covering my ass so the meanies won't get me so easily. =)


Author:  Quique [ Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:02 pm ]
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I've finally transferred and uploaded the documentary "Les Miserables: The Australian Sensation" on my YouTube account.

I can't believe that's my first upload since 2009. :shock:

Anyhoo, the video quality is the glums and the sound quality cheaper than Cameron Mackintosh's 25th anniversary production. But even though Anita Savage's co-editing isn't Hollywood caliber, her timely and highly sensitive splicing of many onstage scenes as each cast member speaks at length about their respective role, is incredibly effective as are her succinct, accurate words throughout. I'd do anything for a very clean copy of this fabulous documentary.

And since we were on the topic of producer-imposed imitation in the early days of the show, this production would qualify as it was during that freako time. But the Aussie cast wasn't named best in the world at the time for nothing, and they did nothing of the sort and created a show that was unique and felt very original even if it looked the same. It was all carried out by the actor. The Australian actor, who wouldn't settle for "trained seal." Oh how I love my Aussie friends!

There's only one fragment from the freako impersonation era carried over into the original Aussie production: the Michael Maguire-ization of Warlow's Enjolras! LOL.


Well, visually, at least, cause Warlow's take was completely different, too.

At any rate...


Author:  Gargamel [ Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:30 am ]
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That is indeed a very good documentary and cast !

Many thanks for sharing ! :thumbup:

Author:  windbelle [ Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:20 pm ]
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Thanks for sharing it again. :D I watched it when you uploaded a few years ago, I think. The documentary is awesome!

Author:  Quique [ Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:12 pm ]
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No problem. Glad you enjoyed it. =)

I did not upload this but thought I'd share since it doesn't automatically come up in search unless you specifically type in "Les Miserables 2000."

It's an awesome quality, full performance of the U.S. 3rd national touring production ("Marius Company") at Los Angeles' Ahmanson Theatre dated 7 February, 2000. This Los Angeles engagement ran 8 December, 1999 - 12 February, 2000.

And guess who was at this very performance? :mrgreen:

Here's part 1:

I attended this performance with my sis, who had invited me after her date was unable to attend. We were sat only a few rows from the stage, and it was just 1 out of 5 times that I saw this engagement; this performance was the last time I saw this marvelous cast, which is listed below:

Jean Valjean - Ivan Rutherford
Javert - Stephen Bishop
Fantine - Joan Almedilla
Young Cosette - Stephanie Mieko Cohen
Mme. Thenardier - Aymee Garcia
Thenardier - J.P. Dougherty
Gavroche - Christopher Carlson
Eponine - Sutton Foster
Enjolras - Kevin Early
Marius - Tim Howar
Cosette - Regan Thiel

Of course, this performance features the original John Cameron orchestration with the updated keyboard patches first used in the London 10th anniversary concert in 1995. Every official production in the world used these patches, which I like, even though they sometimes sound more obvious than the awesome original DX-7 patches and are nowhere near as atmospheric and gritty. It's much better than what's currently on offer, that's for sure.

This L.A. stop used an adapted version of the original orchestration which only meant this one used fewer string players than what was on Broadway and London. You'd never know it though because it was skillfully adapted with a strong focus on integrity by the wonderful Seann Alderking:


Conductor - David Andrews Rogers
Associate Conductor - Lawrence Green


Flute/Piccolo - PATTY KAUFMAN
Clarinet/Alto Sax - SAL LOZANO
Oboe/English Horn - JONATHAN DAVIS

Bass Trombone - KEVIN PORTER

Percussion - CLIFF HULLING

Acoustic Guitar - CHUCK PIERCE
Bass Guitar - DAVID STONE


Most productions used up to 2 keyboards but the 3rd national tour sometimes used 3 during shorter runs which usually took place in smaller cities. This engagement saw the hiring of local Los Angeles musicians to supplement the touring orchestra, which usually included the drum, guitar, some woodwind, and the brass players. Notice there are 4 listed as manning the keyboards--I'm sure they only used 2 out of those 4 in any given performance but they usually have keyboard subs or alternates, which may explain why they listed four. I know of no professional production of Les Mis other than the original London production in the earliest days that used 4 keyboards. Even in the original London production, those 4 were manned by only 2 players; 2 keyboards--upper keyboard and lower keyboard--to each player. The reason they had four was because only 32 patches at a time could be programmed into each and so they needed more to house the many patches the show used. When keyboards that could hold more than 32 patches were created, they cut the number down to 2.

At any rate....those of you who are curious about Ivan Rutherford's Valjean can see him in one of his best performances I've seen of his. There's another one up on YouTube from Broadway where he plays Valjean too but it's not as good as this one. Also, Sutton Foster as Eponine is incredible.

Overall one of the best shot, best performed, and best sounding (although there's quite a lot of bass since the audio was overlaid from a separate recording from the same performance that the person who uploaded it used in place of the poorer quality sound the video came with. He did a great job in synching it to the video track).

As you watch, don't forget that there were a couple of enchanted eyes watching this very performance and there was someone feeling extreme feelings of elation during every note, every scene, every moment. I miss my mizzzzzzzzzzz.

Author:  Flynn [ Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:17 pm ]
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Whoah, is that the full show, too- no cuts?

Author:  The Very Angry Woman [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Les Mis on youtube

Yeah, the tour didn't implement the cuts until March/April 2001.

Author:  costerluver [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:45 pm ]
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Here's a video of Colm Wilkinson singing Valjean's Soliloquy live in Toronto in 1998.

Author:  Laurelin [ Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:45 am ]
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Quique wrote:

There's only one fragment from the freako impersonation era carried over into the original Aussie production: the Michael Maguire-ization of Warlow's Enjolras! LOL.

Well, visually, at least, cause Warlow's take was completely different, too.

Actually the Australian cast was quite different from either the original London cast and the Broadway cast (though the cast in the documentary is actually the second Australian cast). There was definitely no "impersonation" going on. Trevor Nunn even let Michael Turkic as Grantaire change the lines around because he kept singing them the wrong way - "Could it be your life means nothing at all? Is your death just one more lie?". I'm now so used to both versions that I don't even notice it whichever way around it is sung.

And the reason Anthony Warlow wore a dark wig was decidedly not to make him look more like Michael Maguire (surely if they were doing that they would have been trying to make him look more like David Burt). He wore a dark wig to make him stand out as there were so many blonds in the original Australian cast.

Author:  Quique [ Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Les Mis on youtube

Yeah, that's what I said above, that the Aussie casts were awesome for not doing mere impersonations of the original Broadway cast at a time when that was in style. The original West End cast (with the exception of Colm and Frances, obviously) didn't quite have the same influence as did the American cast. For a brief period, it was the American cast that was standardized in most places the show played in.

I'd argue that the very idea that a blonde Enjolras among a mostly blonde cast diminishes the character in some way is a direct result of this idea early on that the original Broadway cast had some sort of mystical 'formula', if you will, that needed to be cloned in order to ensure the show's success around the world. It'd be a bit graspy of me to claim a dark wig is due to the early effort to clone Maguire, Ruffelle, and Wilkinson but what makes it likely is the blatantly obvious Maguire-like style down to the very finest detail! LOL.

Warlow looks terrible in that wig. Sort of like a cheap Las Vegas Elvis type. Poor Warlow. He was so dashing in his own blonde locks. What were they thinking? MAGUIRE! XD

Like I said, I don't claim to know everything or to be right. It's a theory. I'm not doubting the actual reason being to make Enjolras stand out, but I'm saying they probably felt they needed to make him stand out as a Maguire-type (The Tony winner. I really, really love Burt in the role, but he didn't win anything for his Enjolras and it was the Tony wins that initiated the trend). Warlow's voice alone made everyone forget about Maguire, so I don't know why the hassle in making Warlow pull on that tacky wig night after night. XD

Author:  Auf die Barrikaden [ Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:46 am ]
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Been looking for this for some time. German documentary about the creation of the 2003 Berlin production, which included a complete refurbishment of the old traditional "Theater des Westens".

Author:  Quique [ Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Les Mis on youtube

Auf die Barrikaden wrote:
Been looking for this for some time. German documentary about the creation of the 2003 Berlin production, which included a complete refurbishment of the old traditional "Theater des Westens".

AHHHH!!! I've been DYING to see this! Thanks!! \:D/

*Giddily drops everything to watch*

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