Tips for auditioning as/playing Éponine?
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Author:  lucyrenee [ Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:23 am ]
Post subject:  Tips for auditioning as/playing Éponine?

My local theater is considering doing the SE Les Mis, and I'm really interested in auditioning as Éponine.  While I know almost every girl will be auditioning for her as she is the most glamorized female featured, I absolutely adore her character and music and would be honored to play her. I really want this role. Any tips on auditioning? I'm not sure if we're supposed to be auditioning with songs from the musical or not. If so, would On My Own or Little Fall of Rain be better? If not, any song recommendations?

While I know I'm being quite optimistic and looking into the future, how do you think Éponine would be best played? I've been looking into her character, and I would avoid going the woe-is-me, self-pitying route, but rather a desperate and angry style. I much prefer when her character is influenced by her book personality rather than when she's played in a woe-is-me style as mentioned above. I know that Éponine can be played badly, and the audience will still lap it up, but if cast I really want to do the character justice.

Also, I think I'd pull inspiration from Carrie Hope Fletcher's take on Éponine, as I really like how she plays her. Here's Carrie singing On My Own, if you're interested:

Thank you so much for any tips, recommendations, and help! xx

Author:  gwendotlin [ Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for auditioning as/playing Éponine?

I like Eponine as well, and recently posted my own version of "on my own" on youtube

wish you like it, feel free to give me suggestions :)
Best luck in the audition.

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