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Rapunzel's Twins? 
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Broadway Legend / MdN Veteran
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The Baker's son is a boy. It's noted many times in the script.

And the twins would be in the castle because Cinderella is married to her Prince, who is the brother of Rapunzel's Prince, and I'm assuming they all live together, Rapunzel included.

Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:23 pm
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Damask and Dark wrote:
ActingDude17 wrote:
V0CA1 wrote:
what about the baker's daughter?!?!

I may just be spacy right now but where do we learn the sex of the Baker's child? He always refers to the babe as his "child", never his "son" or "daughter" ("no one to mother my child...", etc.).

I'm pretty sure it's a boy.

"Hold him to the light now/ Let him see the glow/ Things will be all right now/ Tell him what you know"

"Like his father/ Like his son will be too/ Oh why bother/"

There might be more but that's just what comes to mind.

"I cannot take care of him all of the time"
"I will take care of him when he is older"
"You know, you needn't hold him as if he were so fragile"

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Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:24 pm
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