I have come to the conclusion...
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Author:  Leccy [ Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  I have come to the conclusion...

That the Act 1,Scene 6 Mr. Goldstone/Birthday Party scene is cursed.

I'm currently playing Rose in my University's production of Gypsy, and in the last week I've had two rather bad accidents that both took place when we were running that scene.

First, our ASM accidently forgot to lower the back of the hotel all the way to the floor and there was a large metal rod that ran along the bottomside of the bathroom door. When I came on for my cue with the Birthday cake, of course I wasn't looking down, so I tripped and it caught my ankles as I was propelled through the entrance and landed on the table, severely brusing the tops of my feet. Later when I told Yonkers to go get the coffee, he tripped on his exit out the same way. They finally realized what was going on and lowered it.

Then, last night in the same scene...our set pieces hadn't been spiked yet and they sat the table down way too close to the bed units. As I crossed from the table towards stage left I hit my leg against *another* piece of produtruding metal that was on the bed and my leg started bleeding. i fought back tears...then later Tulsa did the *SAME* thing, so we now have matching bruises and cuts.

I'm a little scared to see what will happen at tonight's run-through. :/

Author:  lost in the darkness 101 [ Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:40 am ]
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oh my god! i was in gypsy last year (i was baloon girl) we had lots of accidents during that scene too! like one of our backrounds almost fell right on top of the woman who played rose! then our lights kept dying and tulsa tripped and sprained his ankle !

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