should I do the show? - important please read
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Author:  audreydarling [ Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  should I do the show? - important please read

My school is doing it in the spring (yes a condensed version but still a musical) and it is being directed by two of my peers who have cast themselves as pseudolous and philia. should I do it or is it a show that comes around a lot.

other useful info: the drama dept at my school is a bit of a joke...but it can be really fun we do a drama in the fall, a full length musical in the winter (fame), and a one act show in the spring. the one act this year consists of SNL type skits which I am directed/will be palin in (seniors/juniors/some frosh), a presentation by the sophomore drama class and this senior musical thing (with some underclassmen). The thing is it will have like 5 people who have actually done a show before and the rest are just seniors who want to goof off in a show with their popular friends, meaning it will be filled with stereotypical "popular" kids who in general don't like me and a few girls who have gone out of their way to be really really mean and backstabbing. That being said it could still be from fellow theatre people I'd love your advice.

I'm a senior first soprano brunette great dance skills, especially jazz....I could go for domina or one of the courtesans at least so I'm participating and wouldn't have to spend much time with the show (that is if the gals even cast me) I mean it is second semester...maybe i should give people a second chance or can get a close friend to do it with me. shall i give it a try or stick to my skits, any thoughts?

i apologize for the length it's just this has been bugging me for a while.

Author:  audreydarling [ Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:52 pm ]
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please guys....I'd really like to make a decision soon as auditions are coming up!

pretty please with a cherry on top!

Author:  Melindaisy [ Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:21 am ]
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Personally, I think that directing yourself in a leading role can be an unmitigated disaster unless you are very experienced at both directing and acting - and should never be done unless there are no other alternatives.
Why have the directors cast themselves in major roles? - are there no other capable actors to handle these parts? How much adult input (which might be more objective) is going into the production?
This sounds like an ego-boosting project to me....
Directing yourself is never easy..... you must have a good vision of what is happening when you are onstage, you must be able to critique your own performance objectively, and you must be willing to put the good of the entire cast above what you think is good for yourself.
If you think these student directors can be well-organized and objective then go ahead....
If not, Forum is a show that seems to be performed pretty often...
Your one act show seems to be alot like our school's variety show, which is, in general, a mis-mash of silly skits with one or two decent performances thrown in. Perhaps you can add some class to that.

Author:  audreydarling [ Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:29 pm ]
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lovely lovely thanks!

I'm going to do my comedy skits idea..and direct some of them but not myself because I don't really want to do that unless it is necessary! I'm going to be Palin a la Tina Fey. definitely and ego boosting project and I'm happy for them I think it will be fun but it's not my style.

:) yay I feel much better.

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