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Author:  popular [ Wed Dec 14, 2005 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Domina

I played Philia several years ago and am now auditioning for Domina. Our Domina was not great. Definitely not a singer. Any tips? Also, does anyone remember the titles of any of her songs? I can't remember. Thanks!

Author:  JelliclePat [ Sat Dec 17, 2005 8:33 pm ]
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I played Domina a couple years ago. Aside from 'Comedy Tonight', her only song is 'That Dirty Old Man', which is not only a *very* funny song, but also explains *why* she is the way she is.

Play her absolutely straight. This especially works during the conversation with Miles in the second act. If you can manage to alternate a lyrical voice with a belty one for 'Dirty Old Man', that will be a plus. In our tiny, one-level performing space, I had Hysterium crawling scooching backwards into the audience, he was so scared! <g>

Please note that Domina has very little stage time, in keeping with the tradition in Roman theater that well-mannered ladies appeared only at the beginning and end of the play, while the less savory types were onstage throughout. This means that you're going to have to warm up all over again for your second-act entrance. Our 'backstage' area was about 4' wide, and much of that was taken up with the balcony platform. I'm rather overweight, and couldn't get past it for intermission, so I wound up hiding out behind Erronius' house all night. During intermission, I'd quietly sing 'Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats' in German in limber up again.

Please let me know how the auditions go!

Author:  Patches [ Mon Jan 23, 2006 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Boring Old Domina?

Hello ^.^ I had Auditions for "Forum" yesterday for my college and was offered the part of Domina. I took it but I've only seen the Domina in the movie. I know that in the show she has a song called "That Dirty Old Man" but I've never heard it. I'll trust my director to not give me something I can't sing though. What I was wondering, is she really only on stage in the beginning of the play and then the end? I don't really mind, but can't that be rather boring? lol

btw, we have a girl playing Pseudelous. None of the guys really had the look for it. I think she can do it. Has anyone else seen this done?

Author:  JelliclePat [ Mon Jan 23, 2006 8:31 pm ]
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Yes, it's true that Domina has very little stage time. However, that does *not* mean she's boring. The fact that she's onstage at the beginning and comes back about half-way through the second act is very much in keeping with Roman theatrical tradition: well-bred women were seen at the beginning and end, while the lower classes could be onstage the rest of the time. In fact, the whole show is a lesson in Roman theater, when you come right down to it.

Domina has some of the best lines in the show (see my signature for a sample), and her scene with Miles in the second act is priceless. Even her song, 'That Dirty Old Man', has some great laughs. Both the OBC and 1996 revival cast albums are available on DVD, and the song is on both versions. I personally prefer the OBC; it's a little slower, and makes it easier to sing. (The entire revival album is much faster than the original, actually. Don't know why. They should have taken their time with it; gives more time to interact with the audience.)

It's good that you're not basing your interpretation on the film version, which didn't do justice to the play. Without her song, Domina just comes over as a witch. 'Dirtly Old Man' explains *why* she's the way she is, and she becomes a much more sympathetic character.

Have fun with the show. Keep us posted as rehearsals progress!!

Author:  caseyfaceisrad [ Thu May 17, 2007 8:55 am ]
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I've seen the character of Domina played just TERRIBLY twice and I think that she's a really demanding character and to really understand her humour, you must be willing to go over the top with your performance. That Dirty Old Man is a really bipolar song, she's going back and forth between the thought that Senex is her dear sweet husband and that he is crude, perverted and has no interest in her at all. You really must show her indecisiveness in this song, because both times I've seen it, it's seemed coreographed and just plain boring. Really get into it with Hysterium. Caress his head on lines like, "Where ever he is I know he's still an angel.." And then to show the complex bipolarness of the song, on lines like, "That Dirty Old Man where can he be? Prefaining our vows for all to see.." Really get angry, throw Hysterium around a little, show that Domina really is the woman of the house. Then once again get back into it with "Abusing me.. if he only would." It could really be done great if the person is willing to be ridiulous and balls to the wall because Domina is really a potentially funny character.

Wow, I really went on a tangent with that one. Hope this helps! :D

Author:  TR_Wolf [ Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:56 pm ]
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Our Domina cant sing that great, but REALLY does the character of a battleaxe wife well, the "SENEX!!!" she does perfect, and has the right mannerisms and mood, but her 'dirty old man' she cant sing amazingly, so she does it in character moreso, squawking and squeeling and making noises throughout, so it works well!

Author:  Salome [ Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:26 pm ]
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When Nancy Wlaker played the role in the 1974 revival they added an extra song for her. I can't recall then ame but its on "A Stephen Sondheim Evening" sung by Walker.

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