I Wanna Be Rainbow High
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Author:  Quique [ Sat May 22, 2010 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  I Wanna Be Rainbow High

Got pissed that there is no backing track available for what is one of my favorite numbers from the show and so decided to make my own even though all I have as reference is a crappy conductor's score and my big ears.

Here's what I've got down so far, consisting of a partial orchestra--String section; trombone; bass guitar; and that's it. :S Will add the other 3/4 orchestra later!

You can listen below, no download necessary. Listen onsite. You may have to turn up the volume a bit. ... 0-%20EVITA

Any Evita nutcases out there; feel free to let me know if something (or all of it) is way off. I am an Evita orchestration retard but this sounds decent to me nonetheless with the exception of a strange discordant moment toward the end and the abrubt change in key @ "In magical colooooooors!!!!"

Author:  Quique [ Mon May 24, 2010 1:57 am ]
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I also did part of Salome's favorite song!! XD

The 'over-long funeral' "Requiem For Evita"! :mrgreen: ... or%20Evita

Features only half of the orchestra but it sounds pretty neat. The mixing was done like in 5 seconds so it leaves much to be desired but it's only a preview!

Jesus, after listening to that melodramatic funeral music for the last couple of hours, I'm about ready to slash my wrists!!! #-o

At any rate, "Rainbow High" is coming along. Just finished the woodwinds and boy do they add so much to the song. There are a couple of pages of the french horn missing and so I've filled in what's needed by ear. Hopefully it doesn't sound like sh*t. I will post an updated file manana!

Author:  kozafluitmusique [ Mon May 24, 2010 8:46 am ]
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...dang, Quique. What program are you using? It's lovely :)

Author:  Quique [ Wed May 26, 2010 11:29 pm ]
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You mean which programs, yes? :mrgreen:

I use many. Some of which allow advanced user control and others that simply spit out whatever was pre-recorded and added to its sample library. I use about 7 different sample/sound libraries and three programs for sequencing/notation, arranging, and mixing...these are Sibelius, FL Studio, and Audition, respectively.

Many of the sample libraries feature instruments with your choice of expression/articulation but I still found that limiting for the type of sound I wanted. Hours of manipulating and arranging helped create what you hear now but I'm still not completely pleased with the strings, even though they sound miles better than the awful general midi synth I started with years ago.

Thanks for your comment, btw. Glad you like them! :D

Author:  Quique [ Thu May 27, 2010 10:26 pm ]
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Completed three out of the four woodwinds featured in this song. Actually, it's only three but they've doubled the clarinet. Heard below, are those two clarinets and flute for "Rainbow High." This ONLY features those woodwinds and a partial bass guitar I've added as light accompaniment. I will blend these instruments with the previously completed string section shortly and will post the results.

The mp3 is two and a half minutes long but it seems as if it ends sooner since there are some moments of silence. I've always liked the flute in this song but actually had no idea there were three other woodwinds weaving harmonies around that flute! The flute stands out and the clarinets' harmonies are subtle at best when heard with the rest of the orchestra but they're there and add a gorgeous foundation to this song. ... 0Woodwinds

Author:  Quique [ Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:49 am ]
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Progress, hooray!

I've completed and mixed in additional instrumentation. Included are the following:

-String section: Violins and Cellos
-Brass section: 2 Trumpets (one is muted), Trombone, and 2 French Horns
-Guitars: Acoustic Bass (partial)
-Woodwinds: Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets

Still missing:

-Guitar 1 & 2
-Keyboard 1 & 2

Needs work:

-Overall tempo: I've slowed down the beginning but there are still many other bits that are too fast.
-String section: Meh. Not satisfied with the sound. Still too synthy for my taste.
-Rests: I neglected to include some of the rests during the notation process, which has resulted in the song's sections segueing into each other too suddenly.
-Overall sound: Too tinny and generally icktastic.

Btw, I was listening to some of the tracks I had posted before above and was horrified to hear both have moments where the volume suddenly gets real loud. In the "On My Own" mp3 I posted, it goes up like 6 decibels @ "...there's a way for uuus!" The same thing happens in "Requiem For Evita" right after the part where the chorus chants "Evita! Evita" for the first time.

You see, I'm an amateur. XD And I stupidly used the COMPRESSOR in place of the Equalizer. Compressors either limit or expand, it's obvious which setting was used. Argh. Sorry if I blew anyone ears out! :shock:

I made sure not to use a stinking compressor for the song below, so rest assured your ears won't explode, lol.

"Rainbow High" (Incomplete--in progress preview): ... eview%20#2)

Author:  Quique [ Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:50 pm ]
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Oh my stars and garters. :shock:

Can it be? Further progress??! YES! :mrgreen:

-Drums added (they're sort of off. will fix later)
-Beefed up strings and trumpets.

"Rainbow High" - In-Progress Preview #3:

Click here

Author:  Quique [ Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:47 pm ]
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Now that my craptardo PC has gone to meet its maker, I have lost every bit of work I was doing on this song (I know, I know...BACKUP is starting to sound like a great idea right about now).

So, I shall start again from scratch. My iMac croaked on me a month ago as well, losing some of what I had in there (I have the most amazing luck, don't I?). Luckily, I backed up most of what I had in there but I neglected to back up the only Evita score I had. But it's not a major loss though, it was a handwritten travesty to begin with. Most of it was very inaccurate and I had to fix it using my old faithful Dumbo ears.

So, yep, won't get started on it again until I can obtain replacement copies of the VERY expensive programs I was using and, yes, I will have to get a new PC because most of those aren't available for Macs. Or I could just get a new Intel Mac, but that's pushing it as I'm already spending a fortune on my upcoming London trip. oudfgweiugr;ugu

But mark my words...I shall be RAINBOW HIGH somedaaaaay!!!!!
[-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-(

Author:  Quique [ Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I Wanna Be Rainbow High

I guess my last message was the victim of forum pruning!

Well, I have no idea when I posted it but I recall saying I was back in business. Well, I lied! XD

Procrastination got the best of me and so project was chucked for awhile.

Gonna attempt that damn keyboard part again today. The 2nd half sounds quite naked without it. It's responsible for the cheesy latin rythm as she begins to wail about how she's to put on another show! OK, Eva.

Anyhoo, I'll fire up the ol' sequencer!!!!!

Author:  Quique [ Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I Wanna Be Rainbow High

OK, so I had some juice in me this day and whipped my butt into getting some of this long overdue stuff finished!

I received a second request for "Requiem For Evita" and so decided to go ahead and try to complete that. I continued work on this number about a week ago but didn't really get moving until today. I had already completed the bass guitar, brass and string sections in the previous version posted above, and had also added a really crude-sounding bass drum. I've now completed the following additional instrumentation:

-Keyboard 1
-Keyboard 2
-Percussion: Tubular Bell; Cymbals; Timpani

Still needed:

-Guitar 1
-Guitar 2
-Clarinet 1
-Clarinet 2
-English Horn

I have decided against posting a sampling of my progress because I might as well go ahead and do the missing instrumentation then post the completed thing. I will say it sounds effing incredible though. This is one sumptuously orchestrated piece and it sends chills down my spine!

Don't worry, a preview of it when I complete adding the missing instruments will be posted no later than tomorrow (not a year from now as is usually the case, rofl). It's going to be a "preview" because some of the instrument patches I will be using will consist of general midi or some other cheapo soundfont. It's the only way to post a quick rendering and will be primarily for sampling the orchestration and not the quality of the instrument sounds. The completed final version will take care of all that and attempt to recreate the sound of a real orchestra, not only in sound, but tempo, nuance, and all that wonderful nit-picketty stuff none of y'all care about. :P

Author:  Quique [ Sat Jan 01, 2011 3:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I Wanna Be Rainbow High

I swear, if I listen to that damn Requiem one more time, I shall slit my wrists!!

Not that I don't like it, because I'm crazy about it, but repeated listening the all those orchestral elements that make up that uber dramatic, mournful wailing of a number can depress you after awhile!! lol.

I finished it all but am having trouble with the mixing. It sounds all bombastic on the official albums and so I figured it's all just loud volume and will be a cinch to mix. It's actually one of THE most delicate pieces I've had to mix. Notice on all the official albums, most every orchestral element fades in and out. I mean, it's written that way. Just having them panned across the stereo image and given minor volume adjustments isn't enough. There is a strategic introducing or fading in of various instruments as the piece moves along. It's all very smooth and seamless. At this point, it all just sounds shrill and like a train wreck. Not like anyone is waiting, but I should have it done by Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Next yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

J/K :mrgreen:

Author:  Quique [ Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I Wanna Be Rainbow High

Here it is.

Still needs much work and this sampling features many midi instruments so forgive the obvious synth sound, especially the horns and trombones at the end of the big, dramatic surge, and all the percussion is your standard midi. There should also be some silence right after that part and the start of the strings and flute, right before the crowd continues chanting. Other than that and some still-missing instrumentation (Guitar 2, and some percussion), this is what I've got so far. Enjoy. ... _For_Evita

Btw, I have no idea why there's a big, bold, red "yes" there at the bottom of the audio description text. I know I certainly didn't put it there. YourListen can be weird sometimes. :S

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