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Quick Questionnaire for a Uni project- please help 
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Tony Winner
Tony Winner

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Post Quick Questionnaire for a Uni project- please help
Please can you help! I need to collect some information about people’s perceptions of musicals which have both stage and film versions, for a university assignment. I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer this short questionnaire.

This short questionnaire is referring to the stage/filmed musicals of Rent, Chicago, Evita, Cats and Joseph.
Please answer each questionnaire for one particular musical. If you can spare the time, please repeat the questionnaire for each of these musicals you have seen (or, any other musical which has both been staged in the theatre, and made into a film.)

Any help is much appreciated!

1. Are you a fan of the film, stage version, or both?
2. Did you see the film first, or the stage version first?
3. Which do you prefer/enjoy more?
4. How do you feel the film compares to the stage version? Eg, changes made- are they warranted; do they work?
5. Do you have any other comments on the way the musical was adapted?

6. If you haven’t seen one version (ie, only the film, or only the stage version), are you interested in seeing the other? And why?
7. Do you feel the film is trying to appeal to a wider/film/more commercial audience, or to the musical’s fan based audience?
8. Briefly, can you describe how it tries to appeal to this audience (if you can).
9. Do you think that the methods used to appeal to that audience get in the way of what the core of the musical is in itself? Ie, is the musical still being true to itself?

Thank you

(Note to Mods. I do appologise for repeat posting this in each of the 5 musicals topics, but I need as many pesponces as possible. I dont think theres a general ALW section. The assignment is due in two weeks, first draft in one, I need as many responces as soon as possible. Please PM me if there is a problem with this, so we can figure out what to do.)


Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:14 am
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Supporting Player

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1. Big fan of CHICAGO stage version, like CATS on stage very much, I do like RENT stage version and EVITA (both stage and screen). Don't really care about JOSEPH

2. CHICAGO, RENT, CATS: I saw the stage version first. JOSEPH: the film, I've never seen this on stage.

3. CATS & RENT: the stage version; CHICAGO: both, because they're so different from each other.

4. CATS: on stage I enjoyed the 'kid-in-a-candy-store' feeling (= no matter where you look there's always something to see) and with the film that factor is gone. And the overall view of the show doesn't come through in the film. Stage version is better.

EVITA: I liked the realistic take the director had on this film! Also the change of the character of Che (dead ringer to Che Guevarra) from 'rebel' to peasant works a lot better than in the original concept, I never understood that connection. They used that character change in the 2006 London revival... I prefer the film.

RENT: the film is very true to the stage version. Some cuts were made, nothing significant though, in my opinion. The opening the film with "Seasons of love" was an ok choice, for it would have been a bit weird to have it in the middle of the film, as there's no intermission in the film and the song opens the act 2 on stage. The addition of the scene Maureen and Joanne's wedding was good, gave more ground to Joanne's jealousy. But I prefer the stage version, it has so much more energy.

CHICAGO: the whole approach to the film was so different from the stage version: most of the music numbers take place in Roxie's imagination. On stage they're a part of the 'reality'. But the changes work.
Can't really compare the current revival and the film as they're so different.

5. No.

6. JOSEPH: only seen the film, not that interested in seeing it on stage. Not my favorite show on earth. Some good songs, but generally just not the Next Show I Must See.

7. CATS, JOSEPH: fan base

EVITA: commercial audience.

RENT: both

CHICAGO: commercial.

8. CATS & JOSEPH: both are basically the stage version put on film, so if you haven't seen it live in the theatre you do get the 'point' but not the 'buzz'.

RENT: trying to please the fan base with trying to keep it as true to the stage version as possible, but trying to please the commercial audience as well, so the whole film has a sort of 'which direction is the director taking this film??' feel.

EVITA & CHICAGO: decided to break from the current/previous popular versions and treat the musical's film version as it's own piece, entity. New discoveries to the story, characters, plot...

9. I think all of the film versions of the musicals in question are very true
to themselves. [/b]

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Fri Nov 02, 2007 12:43 pm
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