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Emcee Vocal Range 
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Post Emcee Vocal Range
I was just hoping that someone could clear this up for me:
From looking on line, it says that the Emcee (when played by a man) is a tenor, with the highest note reaching high C# (C#5, right?)

I have a score to the show, and I went through all the songs that I think the Emcee sings...and the highest note that I see is a G4.

I may be confusing the numbers of the notes from piano to vocal arrangements, but I always thought that the Emcee could easily be played by a Baritone.
Having heard Joel Grey's recordings, I am further confused by not hearing any 'tenor' notes that the rest of the Internet has described...

Thanks in advance

Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:21 pm
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Post Re: Emcee Vocal Range
I think his highest note is an Ab4 in "If You Could See Her," but that's usually done in falsetto for the first one, with the last (high) line being whispered. But he's got Fs all over the place.

I might opt to cast him as a tenor because Cliff is already a baritone (and a low one at that, depending on what songs you've got in the show).

Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:47 pm
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Fresh Face

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Post Re: Emcee Vocal Range
The Emcee's highest note ever was a high Bb in Two Ladies... which was sung in Falsetto by Joel Grey in the original production (Which the 1998 revival circumvented by swapping the line around), as were many of his High G's. On the other hand he doesn't go any lower than a D and he hangs around the higher parts of his range frequently hitting the F. I would call him a Tenor because of this, but I would have no problem with a Baritone playing the part.

Also Cliff may be a baritone, but Herr Schultz is clearly a tenor, even though many people call him a baritone for some strange reason. He constantly hits Fs and Gs and even goes up to an Ab and a full A in Meeskite. I wouldn't be worried about the balance of voices.

Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:00 am
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Post Re: Emcee Vocal Range
Herr Schultz was a baritone in Sam Mendes' London revival. The character was originally a tenor but in different versions, his keys are moved around. I saw a recent production in Toronto with a baritone Schultz and when the key changed for his verse in 'It Couldn't Please Me More' I thought they had tailored the music for the singer's voice, but it seems that productions have the option to cast Schultz as a baritone or tenor. I prefer tenor.

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Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:10 am
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