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Finale Ending? 
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what_the_heck013 wrote:
Random comment: I prefer that line in the original version. "She won't be a meeskite at all". It's a bit more innuendistic... euphemistic... whatever the word is. Granted, that's when "Meeskite" isn't cut.

That's not the original version, it was "she wouldn't look jewish at all", but it caused such a fuss in the out of town tryouts, that they were forced to change it. There were nights, however, when Joel Grey "accidently" said it. :)

Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:02 pm
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Hmm... well, that's what he says on the OBCR. Maybe they recorded before it hit broadway.

Wed Aug 27, 2008 4:55 pm
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Post Re: Finale Ending?
Just saw a college production of it (fab-u-lous). The cast walks on stage, dressed in black (Nazi attire), sing "Wilkommen" in a very monotonous, creepy way. The Emcee walks forward, takes off his coat, revealing the concentration camp uniform, and whispers "Auf Weidersehen. A Bientot. Goodnight.". Then there was a drum roll, the cast did the "heil Hitler" salute, and they unrolled Nazi banners on the balconies of the theater (which was a nice touch). The lights dimmed and they walked off stage. No curtain call. Everyone was sort of frozen in their seats. Very well done.

Don't Tell Mama wrote:

At the end of the show is perhaps the most chilling transformation, when he changes from the German customs official to the Jew in concentration camp attire. I've always felt that this is, once again, reflecting Germany at the given time. He shifts into the concentration camp clothes because he is a prisoner, much like most of the population. It is left up to interpretation of how or why he's suddenly portrayed as Jew. Like I said earlier, he could be one the entire duration of the show and by putting on an act is his only way of covering up the pain he feels.

Sounds silly, but (if we're going by the more Joel Grey-esque Emcee) he comes off to me as both gay and quite possibly mentally ill. Both gays and the mentally ill were imprisoned in concentration camps. I think he's just such an obscure fellow that he would be a very likely target for the Nazis. Just some food for thought.

what_the_heck013 wrote:
I must be very romantic and traditional because to me, the seperation of Cliff and Sally seems to be more tragic to me than the holocaust. Not just that but how sad it is when Cliff leaves the Kit Kat Klub/Berlin for good.

So the brutal torture and murder of over 6 million people is Peewee's Playhouse in comparison to a failed relationsip?


Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:53 pm
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