Questions about Cinderella
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Author:  Charactress [ Tue May 12, 2009 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Questions about Cinderella

I will probably be doing Cinderella this Fall. I'll be auditioning for Cinderella. Anyway, thinking about maybe getting the role got me to thinking about:

*Where to get the "glass slippers"? Obviously they wouldn't really be made of glass. Any suggestions?

*Where to get a "pumpkin carriage"?

*How is the change into the ballgown done? Smoke and fast changing onstage? Any other clever techniques?

Help! (and thank you!) :)

Author:  Brigantine [ Thu May 14, 2009 6:10 am ]
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well, technically, if you're not on the production team, you don't have to worry about those things! :)
But I understand the curiosity. so:

shoes- there are clear plastic shoes you can get, something like these: ... s.-0R4.htm ... CINDERELLA ... etail.aspx

Carriage: some productions do some sort of cut-out, some do a framework with bench seat, it can vary

Quick change- one production I was in had cinderella put on the ballgown (minus petticoats) on under her regular clothes, so that when the godmother did her thing, there was a flashpot and some other lighting stuff while cinderella quickly ran offstage and her drab dress was torn off (had velcro up the back) and then she ran back on in time to climb into the carriage. She had time later, of course, to fix and fluff the ballgown and ad a hoop or petticoat underneath. Depending on the costume, you could also do a 'fake' ballgown, as long as her day dress is easy to get out of- a quick change (while some special effects are going on) to rip off the day dress and throw on the ballgown, but just one that is velcro'd in the back, and not the 'real' gown, just the same color/general style.
Or, if your stage/theater is big enough, you could work out some sort of cinderella "double".

Author:  Tumnus1031 [ Thu May 14, 2009 6:28 am ]
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1) We used clear plastic shoes. Brigantine's got the right of it.

2) Our production, we took a bench and spraypainted it and put a fancy cushion on it, and then we took six long plastic...rectangles, I guess? They were really long and floppy and could bend easily; we spray painted them orange and glued them to the handles of the bench and brought them together at the top with a green...puff, I guess. We basically made a pumpkin skeleton and the audience loved it.

3) For a quick change...I think we just ignored the whole gown line and instead just had Cinderella marvel at the carriage. We put some sort of black riding cloak over her when she got on the carriage, and then we had an intermission so she had time to change. That way it made her entrance into the ball later much more spectacular (at least that was our director's reasoning...)

Author:  Melindaisy [ Fri May 15, 2009 7:01 am ]
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1) plastic shoes... ours came witht the costume we rented from Costume World

2) Our pumpkin carriage was a small wagon with a plywood cutout of two large pumpkins (as wheels) on the front. We used a beach umbrella frame covered with fabric which was raised from behind the plywood cutout during the Transformation.

3) our Fairy Godmother and the footman placed a cape over Cinderella's regular clothes, the tiara on her head, and the glass slippers on her feet - during the Transformation. Cinderella entered Act II wearing the same cape, but with the ballgown underneath... which was revealed when the footman helped her take off the cape.

photo of our Transformation ending

Author:  bway_baby27 [ Wed May 27, 2009 7:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

*Where to get the "glass slippers"? Obviously they wouldn't really be made of glass. Any suggestions?

-You can try getting the shoes from a bridal shop/Dillard's/shoe store. The clear, plastic, shoes are very popular and in style because of prom and many women want them for this occasion. We had the clear plastic shoe during our recently finished production of Cinderella. They are very similar to a glass slipper.

*Where to get a "pumpkin carriage"?

-Our carriage was cut out of a pumpkin shape from cardboard? I think. Some type of hard (NON FLIMSY) material. We attatched a large gold ribbon, painted it white, painted a gold door on there, and added TONS of sparkles...oh and gold carriage wheels. The wheels didn't roll, so we put a little buggy thing in between the two cut out cardboard pieces and had someone roll the buggy and this made the buggy move.

*How is the change into the ballgown done? Smoke and fast changing onstage? Any other clever techniques?

We put a scrim down and a few magical/forest looking trees behind the scrim. Our fairy godmother awoke "fairy minions" and they danced around Cinderella and made the carriage appear and the like. What really happened is they took our Cinderella backstage after a few fairies took her off with them and a whole team of girls got her dressed (minimally) and then wrapped her in a travel cloak. She came out (cloak buttoned) and sang "Impossible (revised)" and Intermission started and she put the rest of her gown and hair on. If this was confusing, just look Cinderella Transformation on YouTube. That's where we got some ideas.

Hope this helped!!!

Author:  Charactress [ Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thank you everyone who posted a response! I know it's not really my things to worry about, but I was just curious. =)

By the way, I auditioned and was cast as Cinderella!!!! I am soooo excited. Has anyone here ever played her before? Any tips?

Author:  bway_baby27 [ Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:39 am ]
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Congratulations! Break a leg!

I haven't played Cinderella, but the best way to be Cindy is act "strong" not helpless!!! That's the worst part of girls that play the role, I think.

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