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Dumb Question--why is the song "No Contest" called 
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Post Dumb Question--why is the song "No Contest" called
This is more of a rhetorical question and more of a "dont' you agree statement". But why do you suppose they changed the title of the song "No Contest" to "Winning" when it came to some community and US Tours? On the OBC, it says "No Contest,: But when I saw it like almost 15 years ago, the song was called "Winning." I mean, I think No Contest is a much more attractive title than Winning. Even I can come up with that kind of title. I think even in the Coe version, it was still called NO Contest. I mean, Chess has lots of followers and changing titles of songs will make someone shrug for one second. I mean, wouldn't it be super gay if they changed Anthem to "Patriot Song"? That would be a disaster, worse than my movie idea. If I think of something, it is bad. I know the American Version does not have Merano, but the section where Freddie comes in to interrupt the peace with his verse in Merano, is in almost every version and has numerous titles such as "Freddie's Entrance" and "What a Scene, what a joy," If I recall the version I say, after the 1st scene or was it second scene, Freddie sings "Freddie's Entrance," and then goes into "Press Conference.' But I think if a song is going to have a following or a cult following songs should not change especially the Popular ones.

Now, on a SIDEBAR subject: I think Commie Newspapers should be included in a new broadway version. Lines like "They think I'm a shit!" and "Of course the bastards support the russians,." so why do you abuse them all the time?" I say tell it as it is Frederico. Yeah, if the Broadway version does not want to go to Merano, Italy, then we do not need Merano. But I think they should definitely put Freddie's view of the Russians be made a statement in a new broadway version. the OBC sort of watered down both Freddie and Florence characters. I think of the broadway Freddie much more of a whiner.

And going off of what I just said I would re-write Us VS USSR just a little tad and give it for Freddie to sing it straight to Molokov's face and I would go as far as calling the song "We are gong to Smash the Bastard." But then again I guess that song titel would be too harsh and should remain titlted US VS. USSR. But then again there is no USSR. But Like said earlier, songs should stay the same. But then again, maybe SOME songs should change. Just never rename a popular song. In other words, do not do what Starlight express did---started with a good kiddie story with some good in-depth characters and then re-vamp it to basically and change it to a no plot musical and take out the most popular song "Only He" and replace it with a new song. RUN-ON sentence. You know what, maybe Chess already did that. I forgot. I read somewhere they did not even go to bangkok. What a loosing script. Dude, Freddie must go to bangkok so he can sing his little bit. Next thing you know, they could just take out the whole Endgme and change it to dialgoue, so instead of having a 10 minute song, you have a 30 second song "Check, Never, Check, Never.....Is there no one in my life it will not claim the right to steal my work my success my fame and my freeedom!" Just think if they did that to the Endgame. Gosh. The Deal could not even make it to the broadway script in any format. yeah. No contest is a great song. But even a re-vamped version like on the OLC would be exceptable. even fact, if broadway learned its lesson, at least put "the deal" in somewhere. I remember that my sister used to really not like the OLC and she would always make fun of it saying "partner, partner."

Of course if this story came to Russia, then they would hate it very much and never perform it. But then again, I live in the United States, and to me, it does not matter if the russian or the American wins--as long as they stay true to their character.

Fri Oct 16, 2009 2:13 am
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The song is called "Winning" in the conductor's score. Likewise with "Freddie's Entrance." I think "US vs. USSR" is also called "Diplomats" in the score. I can't recall if the Samuel French libretto used the score titles or the ones usually given on the recordings & my copy is unfortunately not handy, but they're definitely in the score. Productions probably think of them as the official titles because they're what's printed, while "No Contest" is the name given to the song in the OBC recording.

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Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:17 am
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Post Re: Dumb Question--why is the song "No Contest" called
Apologies for the very late bump here, but I can attest that the Samuel French libretto uses the score names for the songs- so "Winning" for "No Contest", "Diplomats" for "US vs. USSR", etc.

I think the reason why the song was originally titled "Winning" has something to do with how it's performed in the original production, with Walter and Freddie chanting "Winning!" 4 or 5 times before singing "he lost it a woman and a half ago...". To date I'm not aware of any later productions that utilize this bit of the performance, which IMO is a shame- always liked it myself.

Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:52 pm
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