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My experience seeing cats (Mostly at the London Palladium :D 
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Post My experience seeing cats (Mostly at the London Palladium :D
Hello I'm new :)

I've been a massive fan of Cats since wearing out my copy of the video and then later dvd of the 1998 version when I was little but we couldn't afford to go to London to see it!

After it closed in 2002 and went on tour we saw it at the Mayflower in Southampton from the circle and I really loved it (it got applause that lasted forever - and three curtain calls!! I remember the cast looking at each other like they couldn't believe it)

Anyway, I live and work in London now (woo!) and found myself going to see it at the Palladium 3 times!

First time we saw it back of the stalls, centre (with Nicole as Grizzabella) - phenominal!

Second time we sat we in the front row on the left....WOW. slightly restricted view as stage so high...BUT SO MUCH BETTER.

And the third time...Front row again, but on the right hand side instead of the left)

(both second and third times we had Kerry Ellis. Both goo but d I think I prefer Kerry)

OMG. I had seen them running about in the stalls the first time, but didn't realise they interacted with the audience in the front row/aisle so much. It was awseome! During the interval when they crept back to the stage, Cassandra put a delicate paw on my knee and stared at me imploring look...I realised she wanted my icecream, everyone was laughing. She rolled her eyes like 'silly human!' before going back up the steps.
Cassandra became my favourite, she was very interesting to watch. During Pekes and Pollicles (I think) There was a giant wine bottle at the back of the set, she took a few sips and pretended to become a bit tipsy, it was so funny. I enjoyed how there was so much going on that repeated viewing meant the experience was significantly different each time. Main action was happening in the middle...but even more happening around the edges all the time)
Carbucketty leant over us to hiss at a phone going off somewhere. (He was REALLY good, think his name is Joel Morris??) Carbuketty probably the most cat-like of them all I think!! He was my favourite other cat to watch (also, like cassandra, he just happened to be over our side of the stage alot, rubbing his head on the same piece of set over and over it was funny)

The third time I went a Loud woman next to me made a comment about how 'you get ...bottoms in your face' seated at front of the steps (her exact words were a bit more crude) no sooner had she said this, Munkustrap went up on all fours in front of us - then glanced around at himself then ME in an indignant 'I caught you looking' kind of way and everyone nearby laughed and the woman said sorry to me -_- (Funny though)
Admetus gave us all a high five at the end of the show. Victoria spent time pawing at a little girl behind me it was so cute.

Bustopher Jones quietly (and in-character) said 'blo--stupid steps as was stomping down them while he made his exit (lol I think he was going to say bloody, then noticed the nearby 6 year old)

When Macavity's two evil henchman-rat-people returned Old deutronomy, they leaned close to us and hissed in our faces...just us...we felt special! (more about rats later..)

The stupid Tugger rap...on first viewing, I did not know about the change and was a bit stunned. Apparently intended as a modern update - but it felt like the most dated thing in the whole show!
Vey uncat like outfit! stupid backwards cap that said 'chaos' on the back , baggy trousers, the fact he just looked like a PERSON not a cat!! BUT I loved the actor (Antoine Murray-Straughan) he was extremely likeable and funny. I realy really enjoyed his little interactons with all the other cats throughtout the show. I was relieved that his other parts (for example, during Mr Mistoffolees) were unchanged but this also made it fell inconsistent.
I forget most of the changed lyrics, but this was the worst part '...forget the flat, I wanna' house and kittens' URGH.

Also it's not a change, but I have never liked Macvity's outfict (think its the same as in the video) He looks like some kind of red stripey zig-zag colgate toothpaste monster with fluff on it. He looks nothing like a cat!

Charlene Ford as Bombalurina was dazzling! and her eye makeup was so good, there were sort-of vertical white striped on her eyellids that looked amazing. She was a little different from what I had seen in the video, still sexy but seemed to have a little less bitchy attuitude and was more friendly/motherly (except toward grizzabella).

When we sat front-right, Demeter (again, very beautiful) sat at the top of the steps for about the first 40 seconds of Bustopher Jones looking deeply affected and upset after her first encounter with Grizzabella. She was there so long a lady near us even asked 'is she ok?'

I did not like Jemima's makeup it seemed very light and too minamal, I feel this made her face look the least cat-like. The actress was great though. Jemima spent a while trying to tug a manky fish tail free from the set, very funny.

I do not remember the old version of Growltiger too well, only from recordings but not visually. But I liekd it!
Gus the theatre cat and Growltiger were my favourite parts of the whole show!! (Paul F Monaghan) huge amount of laughter as he kept going after pretending to be finished twice '...AND I once saved ...AND I once also...)

Loved Jellylorum/Griddlebone too!

Possibly there was a malfunction with the dry-ice machine on the third viewing. Second time it was fine, we could see everything, but the third time there was a total white-out! (front row both times) I don't think that was supposed to happen...

At the second performance I saw (14th April) the lights suddenly went up and the music stopped after the first few bars of 'MungoJerrie and Rumpleteazer'. Tt was announced there would be a break in performance due to staff illness.
They didn't say exactly what the problem was, but there was a break of about 15 minutes and ushers came down to the front and one of them said to us an actor had been injured when we inquired.
I speculated it might have been mungojerrie or rumpleteazer because this was right before their number. My friend said one of the guys said 'ow' and looked in pain during the first song Jellicle cats but didn't know who it was, also when we turned around during the wait, we could see black-and white video feed from the orchestra pit on a screen behind us which showed the conductor - and a stripey person went and stood for a moment their back but couldn't identify who it was.

ANYWAY before the lights went up it was announced Adam Lake (previously Alonso) would now play the part of Munkustrap and someone else (I forget...) would be Alonso. (Looking at the programme, I think it may have been Ryan Glover?)
I poked on Twitter afterwards and it it seems Callum Train (Munkustrap) was hurt and Adam Lake played the part for the rest of the run (I hope he recovers soon!) I think it was still Adam Lake the third time I went, although the makeup is so distinctive and they both played the part so well I'll be totally honest I couldn't easily tell them apart)

Also, we unfortunately made some noise during the very atmospheric Grizzabella the Glamour cat because suddenly a big (amazingly bold) RAT suddenly ran in front of us and disappeared into the rubbish-set pieces/orchestra pit which scared us ... ICK. I mean...seriously. Bags on laps and feet off the floor after that! It's not really the theatres fault, I know it's just a London thing and the building is really old but uuurgh.

I bought the souvenir book and was very disappointed with the poor layout, BAD (obvious) photoshopping and lack of information (which non-main character cat is which??? I already knew but would have liked to inform my friend during the interval, she would not have known Cassandra's name unless I told her) ...I know the run is over but if I had been writing this earlier I would recommend people not to bother with it.

There was a goodie bag (£10) with bracelets that said jellicle tribe on them and other fun things, and FREE facepainting for people of all ages which was awesome. The same lights in the stage area were all through the rest of the theatre and entrance too which was lovely. It felt very christmassy even in April!

Bustopher Jones, Grizzabella, and Old Deutronomy had costumes on display alongside lots of interesting art.

Interesting artifacts were on the wall! I'm going to try to remember...I think one from TS Elliots son or grandson had written Andrew Lloyd Webber a personal letter ...'This is the Jellicle cats song, as transcribed to me by by my father' and attached was the handwritten song complete with inky blotches.

That's all I have to say about it for's returning to the Palladium in October 2015, cannot wait!! Front row here I come (bye-bye money)

Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:18 am
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