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amazing music! 
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Post TARZAN - Amazing Music / Disney Adaptations
treblemaker32 wrote:
Phil Collins did a great job on the music and lyrics; the songs are so beautiful.

Baker wrote:
The music seemed really weak. The actors and actresses had great voices and the orchestrations were good enough, but the songs just felt boring, nothing overly memorable other than the two songs from the movie and I enjoyed "Different" somewhat more than the rest of the show.

The score is one of mixed accomplishments rather than being weak outright. Besides the five songs from the film, all of which work well within the conventions set up for the score of the stage show, except for "Trashin' the Camp", which didn't work in the film and doesn't work here either, there are some stong additions, such as "Who Better Than Me?" (made can be made attractive by its performance as much as anything else); "Sure As Sun Turns to Moon" (which gets perectly what it's trying to do dramatically in the music, even if the lyrics don't get there effectively); "Waiting for this Moment" (an audacious opening, let down in the song proper somewhat by its lyrics); "Different" (which is a great bit of scoring that ties the rhythmic feel of certain 'relationship' songs in the score together); and, of course, "For the First Time" (which is just a super love song). In general, the music is certainly more successful than the lyrics, but the total effect of the score is not something that's a complete failure, but one that certainly gets the job done.

HortonDoody wrote:
Does anyone else think that Josh Strickland... sound a tad too feminine. When I first got the CD, I wasn't paying attention to who was singing at the time, and I thought Tarzan was actually Jane during "Different".

Yout must not have been paying attention at all. Even when the score pushes Josh Strickland's voice into a register that I feel sounds more androgynous than feminine, he doesn't sound like Jenn Gambatese at all. Their timbres are completely different!

Derekmckean wrote:
Disney should NOT try to make stage musicals when it comes to their animated films except when mostly humans are the characters.

But none of the Disney stage musicals that has appeared on Broadway that is based on an animated film has involved a set of mainly human characters. Aida never made it that far in its development as a film; Mary Poppins is mixed medium film that is not considered to be one of the animated classics; The Hunchback of Notre Dame hasn't made it to the Great White Way yet; and the others are theme park and junior shows that don't really count in the same way. So I'm not certain about the principles on which your argument is based.

Derekmckean wrote:
Here are the exceptions to this rule. Beauty and the Beast. That was the BEST Disney stage adaptation. It was more than just a beast head. The staging was magnificent. I even like the storyline better than the movie. And the new songs were awesome.

It is arguably the best adaptation that's played Broadway, but I don't think that's saying all that much. The staging of the original production was magnificent, but the adaptation is mixed at best. Most of the additions, pleasant though many of them may be, are little more than padding rather than being material that enriches what what was already on the table. Basically, Disney took one of their richest films and watered it down to create a stage show that is only somewhat engaging, although in terms of spectacle it certainly delivers the goods.

Derekmckean wrote:
This musical should have been a musical before a movie. When I saw the movie as a little kid, I could even imagine the first number being from a musical.

It was a musical when it was a movie. Uncanny, isn't it?

Derekmckean wrote:
Disney's The Lion King. Great adaptation to stage. It was not just dudes in a lion costume. I felt it like it was an artistic piece - having actors telling the story as if they were telling the story from a African stoytelling standpoint using tribal garments yet a head to signify which character they are such as Mufasa, Scar, or whomever.

You seem to be getting the concepts of "adaptation" and "staging" rather confused. Certainly - in terms of its staging - The Lion King represents a high standard of artistry, but - in terms of its adaptation - the book leaves much to be desired and the Elton John-Tim Rice additions to the score are deplorable, although a great deal of the additional material contributed by Lebo M and others are invaluable complements to the score.

Derekmckean wrote:
I think Disney would done much better dealing with Mulan as stage musical rather than Tarzan. Mulan has more human characteristics. You could even add ethnic dances and even dances with spears. Why not add a fire breather? Yeah, some of the backdrops would have to change. Instead of having "I'll Turn a Man out of You" in a camp, that number could easily be done at the court of the imperial palace. Man, this totally could be a musical.

However, in comparison with Tarzan, Mulan does have a more derivative score and screenplay. If the team behind the film had focused on telling the story and serving its needs instead of forcing it to fit the formula derived from The Little Mermaid and set in stone by Beauty and the Beast, it would have been a much better film. There is a school's version available, with many additions to the score, but if it ever makes the jump to a mainstream musical theatre stage then - man - I hope you're not in charge of the adaptation, at least not with what you seem to think would make it work...

Derekmckean wrote:
The live action film, Mary Poppins, was almost basically a musical to start with.

Which bits of it weren't a musical? I must have missed those.

Derekmckean wrote:
The next movie that might actually work would be Newsies.... Yeah, there would have to be like 10 more songs added, but this musical would have potential.

Newsies needs a lot more than a couple of new songs to become a great stage musical. The screenplay would need a great deal of fleshing out in order to become a decent book for a stage musical - and since Disney seems to be unable to get top notch work done in regard to book-writing for their stage musicals, that's probably the biggest challenge such a project would face.


Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:20 am
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Post Re: TARZAN - Amazing Music / Disney Adaptations
RainbowJude wrote:
Derekmckean wrote:
The live action film, Mary Poppins, was almost basically a musical to start with.

Which bits of it weren't a musical? I must have missed those.



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Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:36 am
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