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Song & Dance is an unconventional musical whose first act is told in song and whose second act is told in dance. The first act tells the story of Emma, a young English girls who comes to New York full of ambitions to be a hat designer (Take That Look Off Your Face) and who learns about America - and about herself - in encounters with four American men (First Letter Home). Her story is told entirely in songs, and even more daring, Emma is the only character seen on stage.

   Of the four men, it is Joe, a young man from Nebraska, with whom Emma really falls in love but new to New York and not ready to make a "commitment," Joe breaks off with her.

   Act II is the story of Joe's subsequent life in New York - a journey that leads him to his own kind of maturity, to a realization of what he has lost in giving up Emma and to a determination to win her back. In contrast to Act I, Joe's story includes no songs, no dialogue - no words at all. Act II is told entirely, and eloquently, in dance.

- Richard Maltby, Jr.

Transcribed by Sally Chou

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